2023 Skincare Trends

2023 Skincare Trends

We’ve covered a multitude of subjects this year in our blog, with highlights including How To Actually Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup, that time I went for a skin consultation. Seasonal stories including Why A Tan Is Never Healthy and what time of year to Book Your Chemical Peel. We’ve taken deep dives into plenty of active skin ingredients and, you might remember, we kicked off the year with our wellness series. Here's a bitesized recap!

The Wellness Series

At the start of the year we investigated how hydration, hormones, and gut health can impact the skin in our wellness series and took a deep dive into sleep with two blogs. How Sleep Affects Skin & How to Get More – a good place to start if you fancy a recap as to why sleep is key to skin health. It’s jampacked with tips to help you wind down and drop off more easily, which is useful at any time of year. We followed this up with How to Supercharge The Benefits Of Beauty Sleep which explained that skin is at its most active between 11pm and 4am and the majority of cell repair occurs during this time. A useful reminder that consistency with your night-time skin regime is key if you’re looking to hit those skin goals.

All About Active Ingredients

Our hybrid skincare products are formulated to work on the skin in multiple ways thanks to sophisticated delivery systems, and powerful active ingredients. We took a deep dive into some of our favourite ingredients, but of course we added something extra every time. Think, how to use retinol but specifically in the summertime (spoiler: you don’t need to stop). Vitamin C, but with the added explainer of why ours won’t deteriorate on your dressing table, and why acids and your skin are surprisingly great together.

We Talk Trends

Being at the forefront of skincare innovation means we love to talk skin trends. At the beginning of the year, we shared 8 trends including plenty of interesting ingredients like tremella mushrooms, a powerful antioxidant found in our AluminEye. The viral TikTok trend Skin Cycling is one we enjoyed writing about, with its focus on personalising your routine to your skin’s needs. More recently, we took a deep dive into the skin barrier trend, Skin Rewilding, which is all about supporting the natural microbiota on the surface of the skin.

Our Refining Clay Mask

Launched in summer 2023, our Bye Bye Summer Breakouts and Three Summer Skincare Myths Busted. We also revealed why Autumn Is The Best Time To Get A Chemical Peel and got Halloween off to a good start with our masking blog and we hope you are all still doing that weekly mask. If you know us, you’ll know we always recommend seasonal skincare reviews, because it’s not just the weather that changes. Skin’s needs can and do change all the time, it can be the weather, but sometimes it’s lifestyle or hormones. Your skin pro can help guide you through any skin changes, so you keep hitting those skin goals no matter what life throws at you.

What’s in store for 2024?

First up we’ll be talking about setting your skin north star and then working backward to build a skin strategy that leads exactly where you need to go. Sound good? See you back here soon!

Watch this space for exciting new product launches, deep dives into trending ingredients, and more! We hope you’ve loved this space as much as we have, now here’s to hitting all our skin goals in 2024.

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