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Director, Scientific Committee

Dr. Karl Lintner, a distinguished industry expert with a background in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry, has made significant contributions to cosmetic science. As a pioneering educator in cosmetic chemistry, he introduced the groundbreaking peptide concept to cosmetic applications and holds numerous patents, including the renowned 'Matrixyl®.' Dr. Lintner’s exceptional work has earned him prestigious accolades such as the Maison de Navarre Medal and the in-cosmetics Lifetime Achievement Award


Researcher, Scientific Committee

Dr. Goldstein earned her B.Sc. in Biochemistry, M.Sc. in Pathology, and Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from New York University, focusing on DNA repair. With over eleven scientific publications and patents in raw materials and encapsulation, she has been in the cosmetic industry since 1987. Dr. Goldstein has been the President of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists since 2020. She chairs the PCPC Nomenclature Committee's subcommittee on biotechnology and serves as an adviser to Cosmetics and Toiletries magazine.

Having the privilege to lead AlumierMD, my role is to guide our extraordinary team, ensuring they remain steadfast in our founding principles. Together, we drive innovation to serve the professional skincare community, uphold environmental responsibility, and extend knowledge to all those who are striving to discover the full potential of their skin.

Daniel Hopkins

Chief Executive Officer

As COO/CFO of AlumierMD, I drive our mission by ensuring operational excellence and financial health, enabling our team to innovate and deliver cutting-edge, medical-grade skincare. My focus on strategic growth and efficiency supports our commitment to Clean Science and optimal skin health, making a tangible difference in the lives of patients and partners worldwide.

Daniel Eskin

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

As CDO, my role is to lead our product team to ensure that we stay true to our founding story and mission of creating clean and clinically efficacious products. This empowers our partner clinics and helps provide consumers self-confidence by achieving their skincare goals. Through my drive for innovation, I aim to inspire our team to push boundaries and pioneer groundbreaking solutions.

Ryan Levey

Co-Founder, Chief Development Officer

As the Chief Technology Officer at AlumierMD, it’s my goal to leverage technology to make a meaningful difference in the world of skincare. By implementing multi-channel strategies, encompassing both B2B and B2C, we not only enable patients to conveniently shop from home but also use technology to strengthen the relationship between patients and their skincare professionals. Central to our approach is innovation, keeping our professionals' needs at the heart of our technological advancements. This commitment not only strengthens our brand promise but also positions AlumierMD as a trailblazer in tech-driven skincare solutions.

Gerrit Wessels

Chief Technology Officer

Leading the global marketing function at AlumierMD is truly exhilarating. Our team of experts in marketing, digital, branding, education, and communications is dedicated to placing our customers at the heart of everything we do. We aim to elevate the brand's unique strengths by effectively communicating the scientific advancements in our formulas, professional in-clinic treatments, and the transformative outcomes they deliver. Our mission is to inspire confidence in all our customers, regardless of their skincare journey, and to foster meaningful connections between patients and professionals worldwide. Together, we are shaping the future of physician-dispensed skincare.

Giselle Curcio

Vice President of Marketing

I am proud to lead a talented and diverse team in producing effective, medical-grade skincare that has positively impacted so many patients and partners. Product is the heart of our company, and as a woman of colour, it is important to me to include diverse perspectives in the development process and offer solutions for all skin types.


Vice President of Product Development

Supply Chain is like nature, all around us, evolving with humankind. Born of necessity, it sparks innovation and growth. Embrace its constant presence and potential, for within the intricate web of Supply Chains lies the key to our collective progress and prosperity.


Vice President of Supply Chain

As the VP of Engineering at AlumierMD, my role is to drive innovation that empowers our company to make a meaningful difference in the skincare industry and beyond. By pressing the development of cutting-edge technologies, packaging, and processes, we ensure that AlumierMD remains at the forefront of skincare science, delivering products that not only enhance beauty but also prioritize the security of the products, sustainability, and efficacy. Through ongoing research, strategic partnerships, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, the team and I contribute to AlumierMD's mission of empowering individuals to feel confident and radiant in their skin, ultimately fostering positive change worldwide.


Vice President of Engineering

As the UK & I General Manager, I am committed to advancing our mission of transforming skincare and enhancing lives. Through fostering partnerships, advocating for skincare education about advanced solutions, and ensuring accessibility to our products, we empower individuals to achieve healthier, radiant skin.  Our commitment to excellence and ethical business practices, not only elevates the industry but also contributes to a healthier, more confident outlook.  It is my mission to ensure our team nurtures a community of skincare professionals and enthusiasts, we're not only enhancing aesthetics but improving wellness, one complexion at a time.


General Manager, UK & Ireland

Our mission in Canada is to provide effective, results-driven, scientifically formulated products to meet any skincare concern and need. Our commitment is to continue empowering our community by providing unparalleled education and support, and working with like-minded, environmentally conscious partners to provide the safest, cleanest solutions available in the medical-grade skincare market. Our promise is to ensure every customer is connected to a trained skincare professional, taking out any guesswork to achieve individual goals. Our pledge is to do what’s right in the journey to skin health and happiness.


General Manager, Canada

At AlumierMD, I'm committed to enhancing the world of skin care by bridging cutting-edge science and conscientious delivery. I drive initiatives that provide advanced, sustainable skincare solutions, making professional treatments accessible and educational. Our holistic approach ensures skin health is a priority, creating lasting impacts on individuals’ confidence and well-being, while maintaining a deep respect for environmental stewardship. Through these efforts, we're not just transforming skin—we're empowering lives with a touch of science and a splash of nature’s best.


General Manager, Europe

I am proud to be able to lead a truly special and committed team in offering our uniquely differentiated skincare line to the US marketplace. Our products, our people and our purpose elevate the community we serve in a deeply authentic way. We are here to create a legacy brand that always does the right thing, using business as a force for good and representing the interests of all stakeholders, including the planet, on our journey to becoming the no.1 skincare brand.


President, USA