Exfoliation: Don’t Let Sensitive Skin Hold You Back

Exfoliation: Don’t Let Sensitive Skin Hold You Back

So, you have sensitive skin or reactive skin (the kind that makes itself known when a product isn’t right for it), does that mean you should avoid exfoliating? In a word, no, but you know it’s never as simple as that. We’re going to show you three ways to use our exfoliators if you’re more on the sensitive side… no one’s missing out on the benefits of buffing here!

Your quick exfoliator refresher.

There are two types of dead skin removers in the skincare world: Chemical exfoliators which dissolve the bonds that keep dead skin cells attached revealing brighter, more youthful skin. See Bright & Clear Solution.

The second, mechanical exfoliators physically buff away those dead skin cells using abrasion, the result is smoother-feeling, brighter skin. See MicroDerm Polish.

Exfoliation is a key element in any good skincare routine — it not only rids skin of dead cells so that skin is more radiant, but skin is also better able to absorb any further skincare products, so you get better results. Plus, it can make skin more resilient, improve skin barrier function and support in-clinic treatments – sign us up!  So, how do you do it if you’ve got sensitive skin?

Chemical Exfoliation

For very sensitive skin, although it might sound counterintuitive, chemical exfoliation is usually the better choice because abrasion can sometimes cause pinking or redness, whereas a low percentage of acid is unlikely to cause any issues. Our Bright & Clear Solution is a perfect entry exfoliation for sensitive skin. It contains exfoliating acids – lactic acid and salicylic acid but don’t worry, there are many different ways that you can use it depending on just how sensitive your skin is, and this is just one of the ways that a professional can help you with your ongoing skin journey.

Getting your skincare right is not just about choosing products, it’s also about dose, you might try Bright & Clear Solution every day or twice a week, it really depends on your skin’s sensitivity and needs, and your pro has the expert knowledge to build a plan that will see you hitting your skin goals over and over.


Three Ways with Bright & Clear Solution

Highly sensitive skin
Mix 1 pump of Bright & Clear Solution with your cleanser to drop the pH and turn your cleanser into a gentle acidic cleanser, you’ll get a cool, calm, very light exfoliation.

Quite sensitive skin
Go for 2 pumps of  Bright & Clear Solution onto slightly damp palms and then just press it gently into the skin of the face. Applying with your hands means no abrasion with cotton wool or anything rough, so you just get the acids, slightly buffered by your damp skin.  

Resilient skin
Try three pumps of Bright & Clear Solution on dry cotton wool rounds applied to dry skin so your skin gets the maximum dose at its maximum strength. By putting Bright & Clear Solution directly onto dry skin, you get the most impactful exfoliation.

Mechanical exfoliation

Don’t rule out mechanical exfoliation altogether, for some sensitive skin types there’s still a way to get the most from it. Our at-home microdermabrasion MicroDerm Polish is rich in antioxidants and hydrating agents to help nourish while getting all those smoothing benefits.

Three Ways With MicroDerm Polish

Quite sensitive skin
For a very light manual exfoliation, simply mix just a small amount of MicroDerm Polish with your cleanser to create a gentle, creamy exfoliant.

Sometimes sensitive skin
Dial back your manual exfoliation by massaging MicroDerm Polish onto wet skin with wet hands, you can also use a light pressure and bigger movements.

Resilient skin
Try a bigger dose of MicroDerm Polish on dry hands and dry clean skin, massaged using vigorous movements for 60 seconds – that's how you get your most aggressive exfoliation!

Working together with your pro means you can potentially gradually go from the mildest application technique and dose to a much stronger version as your skin gets stronger. From the moment you kick off with your pro, you’ll begin working with AlumierMD products to rebuild the barrier and stabilise the skin via all sorts of techniques.

Exfoliation has so many benefits including preventing ingrown hairs and breakouts and it helps to keep cell production ticking over nicely. It's a really beneficial thing to do for all skin types including sensitive, just get in touch with your pro for help on your exfoliation journey.

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