Get Pre-Clinic Ready

Get Pre-Clinic Ready

It’s 2024 and your skincare strategy should now be in full swing! If you’re a little behind, refer to our recent blogs: Your 2024 Skincare Strategy and Getting Strategic with Your Skincare. You’ll find expert information and advice that you can implement TODAY! Your skincare strategy is a bit like training for a marathon, it’s not a sprint, but a slow and steady plan with steps along the way to take you to the best skin of your life. In-clinic treatments might be part of your skincare strategy, and when you arrive at the clinic your pro will assess your skin. You have the power to make that assessment a good one! If you turn up with your skin in the best condition, then your pro can potentially make that treatment even more intensive, so you’ll be hitting those skin milestones even faster. Here's a quick recap on how to get your goals in place and your skin oh-so-ready for your treatment.

Setting Your Goals

An initial consultation with your skin pro is key; at this appointment, you can discuss what your skin goals are and how treatments can help you to achieve them. Maybe you want to get your skin to the point where you can use retinol every night. Perhaps you want to prevent any further premature ageing, or you might feel it’s time to tackle stress-induced breakouts. Whatever your skin North Star, your pro can help build you a plan that will get you there. Skin loves consistency, so stick to your plan like glue! It might not seem exciting to go back to basics for a couple of months to strengthen your barrier and get your skin ready to tolerate more active ingredients or treatments, but it’s often the first step and it will all be worthwhile. Especially when you turn up to your in-clinic treatment with skin so strong that you can boost that treatment and achieve even better results.

Regularly Meet Your Pro

Monthly clinic visits will give you an opportunity to really see how your skin is changing. You’ll get feedback from your skin pro, and they may be able to measure things like skin hydration, so you can enjoy the evolution of your skin as it starts to change for the better. It’s a good idea to book quarterly skin reviews too as this is where your pro might suggest going up a strength in retinol, adding our powerful vitamin C serum, EverActive C&E® + Peptide, or switching product categories as you hit your incremental goals and move onto the next. In-clinic treatments will help to supercharge your results, particularly if you work with your pro on the at-home products and routines you need to follow both before and after treatments.

Prep & Enhance

Created to help maximise the outcome of your in-clinic treatment, our Prep & Enhance kits work synergistically to prepare your skin in the 4-6 weeks before you walk through the clinic door. In a multi-country, multi-site study on Prep & Enhance, (conducted with 24 patients on Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI, aged between 20-60) results after four weeks showed up to a 70% improvement in the appearance of brown spots, 58% improvement in the appearance of redness, 58% improvement in the appearance of pores, 54% improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and 45% improvement in the appearance of skin texture. All before you even set foot in the clinic door! Your pro won’t be starting from scratch but adding to the work you’ve already done at home.

In our blog, Are You Clinic Ready? We gave you 5 hacks to getting more from your in-salon skin treatment; here’s a quick reminder:

No. 1: Take a look at your wellbeing

If you’re a long-time follower of our blog (hi!) you’ll remember reading about wellness and how important all aspects of a healthy lifestyle are to your skin. It’s time to revisit these principles now, focusing on your gut health as any inflammation here will often show up on the skin as redness, dullness, or breakouts. Then there’s sleep, intrinsic to skin health and recovery, so ensure you get enough in the weeks leading up to your treatment.

No. 2: Prep with medical-grade skincare to get great results

Don’t save your powerful AlumierMD skincare for after your treatment. Work with your pro to ensure your daily skin routine is working hard for your skin goals and needs and never skip your sunscreen. If your skin is at peak performance when you walk through the clinic door your treatments may be even more successful.

No. 3: Do at-home facial treatments

In the weeks leading up to your treatment spend a bit of extra time on a weekly or bi-weekly at-home facial. Ask your pro for a mask recommendation.

No. 4: Set your pro a challenge

Arrive at the clinic with such good skin that your pro will need to work extra hard to take it to the next level!

No. 5: Follow the aftercare routine set by your pro

Your pro will advise you on what to use when for the first few weeks after your treatment. If you follow it to the letter, you will have better and quicker results, can’t say fairer than that!

We hope you feel confident enough to book that treatment and get your skin ready in advance. Stick with your skin strategy, your daily routine and your regular pro appointments and that ultimate skin goal will be yours sooner rather than later.

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