Spring: The Season of Exfoliation

Spring: The Season of Exfoliation

When we think spring renewal, we’re (of course) thinking skincare and specifically exfoliation; the satisfying ritual that skincare buffs (irresistible), find so enjoyable. Exfoliation brings brighter skin as it sloughs away dull cells and reveals newer, plumper skin, a bit like spring cleaning your home.

 “There are two types of exfoliators: physical exfoliators, like beads, blades or buffers, which physically remove the dead skin cell whilst chemical exfoliators, often liquids, loosen the bonds that keep dead skin cells attached and can even get inside the pores too.” Explains aesthetician Eavanna Breen, founder of Eavanna Breen Skin & Laser Clinic in Dublin.  “I encourage all of my patients to exfoliate their skin and educate them that under exfoliated skin can accumulate dead skin cells.”

Our skin professionals are always on hand to advise you on what exfoliators (and other products) are best for your skin, but did you know you can also get advice from your pro AFTER you’ve used Connect To Buy and ordered your products?

Five exfoliation-related things a pro can help you with, above and beyond what product to use:

1, Top Techniques

Let’s say you have a tube of our 3D exfoliator MicroDerm Polish (great choice! It has enzymatic brightening properties, exfoliates the surface of the skin, AND gets down into the pore for a proper spring clean). How you use it most effectively comes down to your skin type, for example, if you have resilient, thicker, stronger skin, you could use MicroDerm Polish on dry hands on a dry face and rub vigorously for a real firm abrasion. If, on the other hand, your skin is sensitive, you’re new to the world of exfoliation, or you’re nervous about exfoliation – you can use wet hands to mix MicroDerm Polish with water, then massage it into the skin with big gentle sweeping movements for 10-15 seconds before rinsing and ta-da you’re mildly exfoliated. There’s a whole variety of other ways you can use it that will dramatically affect the outcome you get. Speak to your skin pro to personalise your instructions. 

2, It’s All in The Dose 

When it comes to exfoliators, the more you use, the more dead skin you’ll remove. This is true of physical exfoliators like our MicroDerm Polish – the more you use the more abrasive it will be. It’s also true of chemical exfoliators like AHA Renewal Serum, the more you use the more acidic your skin will be and therefore the more bonds keeping dead skin cells attached will be broken. Your pro can assign you doses of all exfoliators based on your skin goals and the idiosyncrasies of your exact skin.

3, Little & Often?

It’s possible to exfoliate twice a day if you use a mild chemical exfoliant like our Bright & Clear Solution, or your skin might prefer a mild, yet effective, at-home peel once a week – oh hi Enzymatic Peel. You might choose MicroDerm Polish and use it three evenings a week or once a week. It all depends on your skin, but when and how often you use will dramatically affect the outcome of your exfoliation.

4, How You Layer Them

Yep, you can use more than one exfoliating product in your skincare routine. Whether you choose to go for Bright & Clear Solution every day and Enzymatic Peel once a week or Bright & Clear Solution to prep, then a good buff with MicroDerm Polish, before an Enzymatic Peel (at-home facial anyone?) is really down to how resilient your skin is, and if you don’t know, you know who will? Yes! Your amazing skin pro!

5, Pick ‘N’ Mix

Did you know you could put a little bit of Bright & Clear Solution in your MicroDerm Polish for an extra kick? You could make your Cleanser into a mild exfoliant by adding a little bit of MicroDerm Polish to it – there’s a whole heap of ways that you can mix and match your skincare for your needs and your professional can guide you through the lot!

Buying an exfoliator is an amazing start and it will give you noticeable results, but you can amp them if you get personal advice from your skin pro. Don’t feel like the only time to speak to your pro is before you’ve made your decision about what to put into your basket. Once you’ve made your choices you can speak to them about every point above and personalise your skincare to the highest degree. This is how you get even better skin results!

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