The Medical-Grade Difference

The Medical-Grade Difference

Medical-Grade is a term that means what exactly? Well, first up it depends who you ask, it’s not a regulated term, even if the hashtag #MedicalGradeSkincare has over 7.4 million views on TikTok! So, let’s say you’re asking us – AlumierMD? Well, we’re often cited as a Medical-Grade skincare brand for various reasons that we’ll explore in this blog, but in short? It's because our hardworking hybrid skincare products, each with multiple active ingredients, are strategically formulated to deliver the transformative results that you would expect from seeing a medical professional.

The Hardworking Hybrid Product

The difference between High Street & AlumierMD medical grade skincare is partly down to ingredients, formulation, and range. In every bottle made by AlumierMD you’ll find a sophisticated formula packed with active ingredients that work synergistically for superior results. For example, our Vitamin C serum EverActive C&E™ + Peptide has an extremely high percentage of Vitamin C at 15%. Plus, the technology we use means the Vitamin C crystals are kept separately in the lid and only mixed when needed. Vitamin C can quickly degrade when exposed to the air and sunlight, so this way it stays fresh, and your skin receives all the benefits. You’ll also find powerful peptides in the formula that help to strengthen and brighten skin.

Every product in the AlumierMD collection is designed to be used in harmony, each one supports others in the range and actively works to improve skin. So, it’s a little more expensive than some high street skincare but that investment means you get multiple benefits from the many active ingredients which also all work together in your full AlumierMD routine.

The Professional Difference

We know that when you connect with a skin professional to create a personalised skincare routine you get better results than just picking from the high street. Our skin professionals are highly accomplished experts in their field, and they can help you get so much more from your daily skin routine. Your pro will help you to understand:

  1. What products you should use for your exact skin - They’ll understand your needs, listen to your goals, and help you build a routine that is perfect for you.
  2. How to use products - Did you know you can use products incorrectly? Yep, some active ingredients cancel each other out! Your pro will ensure your routine is efficient. Is this for night-time? Morning only? Before or after serum? Your pro will reveal all.
  3. How often to use the products- How often should YOU use retinol? Should YOU exfoliate every day? It all depends on your skin, and you guessed it, your pro will let you know, they can even write it down for you.
  4. How to combine and layer your products - Patchworking your products is sometimes what your skin needs – ever had dry cheeks and an oily nose? Yep, your pro will show you how to make your products work for your skin, and that might mean applying only in certain areas.

You don’t need a prescription to buy AlumierMD, but we always advise working with a professional because you’ll get so much more from your powerful, active, hardworking hybrid products, and that’s why we’re a Medical-Grade skincare brand.

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